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Times, they are a-changin'

Since it’s the 21st Century and it looks like the age of the physical is passing into history, Crooked Mouth music is available through all the usual download and streaming platforms. You’ll find a links to Spotify and YouTube below.

However, for those of you who still like to collect music in the style intended by the Gods of Rock (that is, in the physical form, with all the lovely artwork and sleeve notes and sequenced songs) Crooked Mouth CDs are still available.You’ll find them on the planet-straddling Amazon and other online stores, where prices are sometimes grossly inflated.

Alternatively, you can contact us direct at and start a conversation. We have a limited number of original CDs available at the best prices. We’re more than happy to discount multiple purchases and we ship worldwide with secure payment through PayPal. Signed copies on request.


A collection of CM sounds

Here's a playlist of Crooked Mouth tracks taken from all three albums and singles.


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