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Crooked Mouth (2003)


'...Crooked Mouth's music just shines with sincerity, originality and a genuine inspiration and often borders on magical...' - ProgressoR

This album came from a simple place, reflecting a singer/songwriter approach alongside some heavier, more involved elements.

Ken Campbell: guitars, backing vocals additional keyboards.

Simon Ellis: keyboards.

Kenny Haig: lead vocals.

Tony Hodge: drums & percussion.

Chris Stenhouse: bass guitar.

Lynne Campbell: backing vocals, keyboards on 'Strange Days'.

Eilidh Swanson: backing vocals.

Alison Mitchell: flute.

Recorded at The Sound Cafe by Dave Gray

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Hold in the Sun (2007)


‘Prog at its most eclectic and musicianly’  - Geoff Barton, Classic Rock Magazine

Hold in the Sun marked a shift in writing to include programming and soundscapes. It makes for a more atmospheric collection and, at the same time, has a much harder edge, thanks to tracks like Ether Street, Iron Wonders and Idiotsublime.

It was a shift not entirely embraced by some listeners, who found the use of electronics distracting. Not so for others and Hold in the Sun caught the attention of the wider online prog and rock community.

Ken Campbell: guitars, backing vocals.

Tony Hodge: drums & programming

Leen: bass guitar.

Mike McCann: bass guitar and Chapman Stick

Alison Mitchell: keyboards & flute.

Kenny Haig: lead vocals.

Eilidh McLean: backing vocals.

Lynne Campbell: backing vocals.

Mike Warren: cello.

Recorded at the Sound Cafe by Dave Gray and at the Study-O by Tony Hodge.

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One Bright Midnight (2015)


'Chockfull of excellence’ - Dutch Progressive Rock Pages

With this third outing, Crooked Mouth sought to build on the sorts of melodies and structures from the first album, while continuing with the harder edge from Hold in the Sun.

The flow and sequencing of songs was given special attention and the use of layered vocal harmonies was put to great effect on tracks such as Hold Me.

The use full-throated guitars and more emphasis on bass tones helped ensure a more robust sound in the mix.

Ken Campbell: guitars, additional keyboards.

Tony Hodge: drums and programming.

Ali Mitchell: keyboards.

Leen; bass guitars.

Kenny Haig: lead vocals.

Lynne Campbell: backing vocals, percussion, synthesiser.

Eilidh Maclean: backing vocals.

Rob Townsend: saxophone.

Recorded (mostly) at The Depot by Craig Ross, Garry Boyle and Michal Jankowski.

Astronaut (single)

Astronaut (single)

Angels Once (single)

Angels Once (single)

Lost Time (date: tbc)

A work in progress

Two prospective tracks have been released from the fourth Crooked Mouth album: Angels Once and Astronaut. As with previous albums, long timescales are just a fact of life. One of these days we'll get this finished.