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Hold in the Sun
'..prog at its most eclectic and musicianly'

Released: 2007

Catalogue Number: MBMCDA0207

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Track Listing


1. How Do We Survive? (1:38)
2. David & Goliath (7:07)
3. Iron Wonders (8:46)
4. Stand (3:32)
5. (In Here) The Sun Never Sets... (4:00)
6. Delta (8:18)
7. Two Worlds (4:30)
8. Idiotsublime (4:09)
9. Ether Street (8:26)
10. We Are (4:00)
11. Touching The Heliosphere (7:01)

Feature Track - (In here) the sun never sets...

Hold in the Sun Lyrics (download PDF)


Ken Campbell: guitars & backing vocals

Tony Hodge: drums & programming

Alison Mitchell: keyboards & flute

Leen: bass guitar (tracks 2, 4, 7, 8)

Mike McCann: bass guitar (tracks 3, 5, 6) & chapman stick (track 10)

Kenny Haig: lead vocals

Lynne Campbell: backing vocals

Eilidh McLean: backing vocals

Special Guest - Mike Warren: cello on ‘Two Worlds’

Liner Notes

Published by Moon Brothers Music

Arranged by Campbell/Mitchell/Hodge/McCann

Vocal arrangements by Kenny Haig, Lynne Campbell & Eilidh Mclean.

Cello part for Two Worlds written by Alison Mitchell.

Music & Lyrics by Ken Campbell.


Recorded between 2004 & 2007 by Dave Gray at The Sound Café and Tony Hodge at The Study-O and various secret locations...

Mixed & mastered by Tony Hodge.

Photography by Kenny Mathieson.

Layout by Kenny Mathieson & Ken Campbell.



'..prog at its most eclectic and musicianly'  - Geoff Barton , Classic Rock Magazine.



'a superb new album to get us flowing in to 2008!...musicianship, production and a special gloss make this a potential album of the month'  - Martin Hudson, Rock Society Magazine


'Each song absolutely sparkles with a myriad of ideas'...a highly recommended release for those who like the energy and innovation of more modern bands, mixed with a symphonic progressive sensibility'  - Brian G., Progressive Ears.


Over at Radio Alpha Krakow's premier rock show, MLWZ, Artur Chachlowski made this latest release an album of the week, describing it as 'intelligent and thought provoking music'.


'a solid 10 out of 10 rating'...“Hold In The Sun” is an eclectic mix of post-modern, art, and progressive rock, with an undercurrent of haunting ambient electronics. The music is fresh, exciting, and intelligent.' - Joseph Shingler, Prognaut.

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