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One Bright Midnight
'Chockfull of excellence..'

Released: 2015

Catalogue Number: MBMCDA0315

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Track Listing


1. Rage (6:02)
2. Breathe In The Water (8:00)
3. Vice Versa (6:54)
4. Places To Hide (5:08)
5. Plague 47 (4:42)
6. Welcome To The Vampire State (6:05)
7. Tall Ships (6:10)
8. Come What May (4:12)
9. Hold Me (7:53)
10. (After) One Bright Midnight (2:39)

Feature Track - Plague 47

One Bright Midnight Lyrics (download PDF)


Ken Campbell: guitars, additional keyboards.

Tony Hodge: drums and programming.

Ali Mitchell: keyboards.

Leen: bass guitars.

Kenny Haig: lead vocals.

Lynne Campbell: backing vocals, percussion, synthesiser.

Eilidh Maclean: backing vocals.

Special Guest - Rob Townsend: saxophone.

Liner Notes

All tracks written by Campbell/Hodge/Hodge/Mitchell. With the exception of Tracks 4,8,9,10 – Campbell.

Music arranged by Campbell/Hodge/Hodge/Mitchell. With the exception of:

Track 4 – Campbell/Mitchell

Tracks 8,9,10 – Campbell.

Backing vocals written and arranged by Lynne Campbell & Eilidh Maclean.

Lyrics by Ken Campbell

Sound effects by rhumphries, thanvannispen, swelk, m-colon-0, djgriffin, gezortenplotz, martypinso, herbertboland, nurykabe, erh, rockdoctor, reinsamba, justkiddink, bristolstories, guitarguy1985, 7by7, djcad.

Recorded (mostly) at The Depot by Craig Ross, Garry Boyle and Michal Jankowski.

Additional recordings by Ken at The Red Carpet and Tony at The Study-O.

Mixed and mastered by Craig Ross at the Depot July-November 2014.

Photography by David Mitchell, Andrew Campbell, Ken Campbell, Johnny Mr Ninja Rage and Mathias Kabel.

Cover artwork based on a photograph by Lynne Campbell.

(After) One Bright Midnight artwork by Leoplod ‘Lewis’ von Lichtenstien.

Plague 47 design by Ken Campbell.

Published by Moon Brothers Music



'..the standard of production and craft that has gone into this release is first rate...every self respecting modern day prog fan should take a chance with it...'  - Eric Perry, Dutch Progressive Rock Pages

‘an album that not only has hidden depths, but a multitude of cleverly interwoven ideas. Tall Ships epitomises this - great stuff’ – Bob Mulvey, The Progressive Aspect.

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