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Crooked Mouth
'A great debut this is music with heart'

Released: 2003

Catalogue Number: MBMCDA0103

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Track Listing


1. Crossing the Rubicon (0:57)
2. Strange Days (5:08)
3. Mass Driver II (6:17)
4. Ocean
& Sky (6:42)
5. Raindance (7:06)
6. Acrobat (8:20)
7. Time & Again [Erosion] (6:56)
8. Last Call for Captain Trips (4:18)

Feature Track - Strange Days

Crooked Mouth Lyrics (download PDF)


Ken Campbell: guitars, backing vocals, additional keyboards

Simon Ellis: keyboards

Kenny Haig: lead vocals

Tony Hodge: drums, percussion

Chris Stenhouse: bass

Lynne Campbell: backing vocals, keyboards on ‘Strange Days’

Eilidh Swanson: backing vocals

Alison Mitchell: flute

Liner Notes


Music & Lyrics by Ken Campbell

Arranged by K. Campbell, Ellis, Hodge, Stenhouse, except Track 1 (Campbell & Gray) and Track 8 (Campbell & Ellis).

Vocal arrangements by Haig, L. Campbell, Swanson, Mitchell

Recorded at The Sound Café April  2001 to  May 2003

Engineered & mastered by Dave Gray

Mixed by Dave Gray, Ken Campbell & Tony Hodge

Photography by Tony Felton, Adrian Kelly & Ken Campbell

Image of NGC 6369 ‘The Little Ghost Nebula’ courtesy of NASA & the Space Telescope Science Institute

Published by Moon Brothers Music


'Crooked Mouth's music just shines with sincerity, originality and a genuine inspiration and often borders on magical...' - Vitaly Menshikov, ProgressoR

'A great debut this is music with heart, in more ways than one'  - Duncan Glenday, Progressive Ears

Steve Mourton (Classic Rock Society) gives the album the thumbs up in the May/June 2004 edition of Rock Society magazine, describing the album as a collection of '...songs of the highest quality...superb symphonic prog.'


'Crooked Mouth have their own sound and style but, as a general point of reference think of REM and, at times,perhaps a little bit of early Led Zeppelin. On all the songs the musicians get to shine. This is a very well performed and produced album, a treat for the ears' (Marc Roy, ProGGnosis)

'Musically we are in an area of carefully crafted, intelligently written songs, and with lyrics that are both attentive and observant...Particularly pleasing was the combination of Ken Haig's distinctive voice, set against the more delicate timbres of Lynne Campbell and Eilidh Swanson' (Bob Mulvey, Dutch Progressive Rock Pages)

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