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One Bright Midnight CD


The new album from Crooked Mouth.

One Bright Midnight is comprised of 10 tracks blending much rock roar with 12 string guitars, lush keyboard, delicate piano stretches and soulful, dynamic vocal harmonies. It's dark in places - par for the Crooked Mouth course - but ultimately uplifting. And there’s a guest appearance from Rob Townsend (taking time out from touring with Steve Hackett) who drops in to deliver some brain-melting sax.

All the usual suspects are on board:

Ken Campbell (Guitars)
Tony Hodge (drums)
Ali Mitchell (keyboards)
Leen (bass)
Kenny Haig (lead vocal)
Lynne Campbell and Eilidh Maclean (backing vocals)


1. Rage
2. Breathe in the Water
3. Vice Versa
4. Places to Hide
5. Plague 47
6. Welcome to the Vampire State
7. Tall Ships
8. Come What May
9. Hold Me
10. (After) One Bright Midnight

The CD is in Digipac format with a 12 page full colour lyric booklet.