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April 2013

Even more tracking underway - this time it's Lynne and Eilidh landing the backing vocals and sounding smoooooth. We are getting there. Honest.


August 2012

Well, it doesn't happen often, but we finally got everyone together in a studio somewhere in Scotland. And here's the proof:

















November 2011

Check out our new 'Film' page for videos based on two Crooked Mouth songs, Idiotsublime and (In here) the sun never sets... Oh, and final tracking is underway with drums now complete.


June 2011

Honestly, these bi-annual updates are getting to be such a drag. Yup, another 6 months passed and we're still working on CM#3. Writing is all but done and firm plans in place for final tracking this summer. Somebody mentioned gigs and we all laughed and went back to the crossword. See you soon!





August 2014


The final backing vocals are done. Last guitar overdubs: complete! Let the Great Mixing Battle commence!

September 2014


The first full album mix arrives. Flying pigs mentioned on the BBC World Service.

March 2015


Hard to believe but...our third album, One Bright Midnight, is now available!


Before long our distribution partners will catch up so, for the time being, the album is only available here and CD Baby - jump over to the store and see for yourself!

July 2016


WE'RE BACK!! And writin' this space.

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